Wake up

Open your mind

Ditch the confined

Of the nine to five

Waiting on the weekends

To start the process

Again, and again

To keep you supressed

And mentally depressed


Don’t deny

That lost feeling inside

Expose the lies

The truth to be imposed

From toxic slaughter we call food

And chemical induced eggs and cheese

Resulting in the made disease

Is this a possible undercover solution?

To the human revolution

Or the over human populated situation

Separating the race and class

To fuel and supply politics lies

No law and order

Just power enforcing

With money motives

No place for people seeking refuge

Whilst living under the watchful government eye


Possessions becoming precious

Distort the young minds

To quickly become accustom

Keep prisoners in that same endless cycle

Allow drug addicts to feed their suicidal lifestyle

Restrict the mental health seeking

Just think about how the people are living


Kids in slavery for the latest fashion

For the exchange a lifetime eating disorders

Life is at your disposal

The excuse is ‘that’s all we have ever known,

That one person can’t make a difference’

From relationships to plastics

Get you second guessing

That everything lasts forever



You have been designed

To keep your eye on the prize

That marriage and mortgage is all what it’s for

When the planet pleads for humanity

Conservation was its broken promise

To justify the abuse that follow


This stuff affects your mental mind

When social society decides

Broken dreams need to re-rise

Keep the motivation flowing

Start spiritually growing

Allow the free thinking

Live above the self-imposed restrictions

Work with what your given

Thankful for the air that we breath in

Offer up your resources

To help those less fortunate

Be the solution to your problems


This poem isn’t meant for preaching

Just to stop the conformed and narrow-minded thinking

To allow you to see the truth

that I’m speaking

To make your own decisions,

In this societies mental mind prison









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