Wake Up

Wed, 04/01/2020 - 17:30 -- Kbliss

Within the changes of the sea from an array of pastels of greens and blues and whites to the deep depth murky green-blackish waters where light never gets through to even in extreme temperatures just above freezing to 750 degrees Fahrenheit life still precedes. But, as this darkness grows and grows many don’t make it. This exact darkness has gone into the soil of our farms which have gone into the vegetables, meats, dairy, grains, and fruits on our plates and into our bloodstream. Moreover, the human race has become naive and gullible to this evil almost as if it were black magic. We have broken all foundations and morals that were set 200,000 years ago. The image of a mother's love and hard work and dedication to making her heir better than herself as ruined. For our true mother who gave us all existence is dying of cancer. We fed her plastic and oils in her blood, toxic fuels to her lungs, but most of all we have wounded her heart, her core it bleeds and her tears from the arctic have shown how us, her children have failed her. We have ignored her fever, her aches, and her suffrage. What does that make us? It makes us blind, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. No nation, no state, no city is at fault, it is generations of humans who have been ignorant and given into fear.  Gen Z and Millennial's it is not 1918, we have the resources to fight this. Why are you locking yourselves in your houses and doing nothing? This fight is not against the corona-virus, it is about something much bigger than any of us. It is time to find a cure for a mother, to cure her disease. Because 200,000 years ago, when we were still innocent of our crime we only had predators, she took mercy on us unaware of the monsters we would become today in 2020, she let us live. She let us live after World war 1 and 2 and the great depression. This time, we might not be as lucky. What do we do? Combine our strengths and knowledge. Movies, books, newspapers, magazines, etc… no matter the genre all have evident truths to them telling us what to do. We have to fight a war our history of battles, sickness, pain, and hurt have all prepared us for this moment when we as a species are no longer teenagers...It's time to grow up...grow up and let us give back to our mother...she is old and weak and that is what she is trying to tell us. Wake up America, Wake up in Italy, wake up in Spain, wake up in the Caribbean, wake up in japan, wake up in Korea, wake up in the Uk, Europe, Wake up world we are not kids anymore. We have come so far and we were not meant nor raised to be cowards...we were raised to take care of our earth. 

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