Waiting On The World


I have 156 followers, 851 friends, yet I can only rely on 8.

A 12 year old girl stands in front of a mirror with a gap between her thighs, but feels guilty for something she ate.

This world of technology we love increases like our country's debt,

But there’s no cure to cancer yet.

I hear it everyday, he said she said,

But no one takes action till someone is left dead.

Our president has been known to lie and cheat,

But has no problem stating how he feels in a tweet.

We buy luxury cars and lie in a soft foam bed,

While children around the world cry not knowing when they’ll be fed.

You tease a boy for not being strong enough,

Little do you know, he’s addicted to steroids just to look buff.

You fight for gay marriage and and the legalisation of weed,

But are too self centered to fulfill one good deed.

You ignore that girl because she’s not thin,

Though, inside you know it’s only because the color of her skin.

Soldiers everyday are left to bleed,

Just so you can achieve your lust for greed.

Our world is in desperate need of change,

Because it has turned into something ugly and strange.

I am only one person as well as you,

But there is something we must do.

So shut your laptop and put down your phone,

And get to know that person who always seems to be alone.

Live for today and stop worrying about tomorrow,

And just decide to go with the flow.

Take a moment to enjoy a view,

Because a picture will never amount to how perfect the wind blew.

Always remember who you are and where you came from,

And even that funny moment with your dad watching that sitcom.

I am only one person as well as you,

But these are a few of many things we must do.




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