Waiting in Lost Innocence


United States
41° 39' 54.5688" N, 72° 45' 46.4868" W

A heart broken by one once trusted
A heart broken by one once loved
A heart broken by once believed in

That heart still lays waiting
It lays waiting to be fixed
Waiting to be made whole

That heart belongs to a girl
So fragile, so naïve, so innocent
Broken, without a fair warning

A girl who's innocence now tainted
Who's fragile heart broken is broken into pieces
Who's naivety is banished from heart
With the declaration of 3 sentences

"I don't love you"
"You are worthless"
"You mean nothing to me"

A girl once so happy
Once so filled with hope and joy
Now so sad with nothing but
Dark and empty eyes staring
At the cold ruthless world


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