Waiting for her

Tue, 07/24/2018 - 11:26 -- ngopes

The light in the evening,

Slides through the front of,

 the hardwood blinds,

Leaving a lace-like pattern,

On the brick wall, and

the wooden floor.


The marble counter is at center,

The round baked pie dish,

as big as my dinner plate, sits on it.

The sign reads— dark chocolate pie,

 For my lover.

Near the pie,

 The corkscrew, halfway through,

 Richebourg’s cap,is

waiting to be pulled out,

I wipe two stemless glasses clean ,and

place next to it.


As the sun perishes behind the hills,

from the half open window,

I see the approaching light,

of the blue train,

whistling and waltzing its way,

 from the bends of summer hills.


I want to remember tonight,

Capturing wonderful moments,

like it was never before.




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