Waiting for Dreams to Come


United States
37° 40' 22.5804" N, 122° 8' 5.5068" W
United States
37° 40' 22.5804" N, 122° 8' 5.5068" W

Memories of failed fantasies,

fill his mind,

pushing him to the edge,

where the darkness,

just isn’t enough anymore.


Looking down,

he bleeds,

his frustrations,

the curse of pressure,


strangling him,

slowly bringing his own demise.

The question,

“Are you afraid to die?”

plays a melody in his brain,

and echoes strongly,

in his heart.


He hides a lonely soul,

calling out to another,

where his empty smile,

shows hidden tears.

Calling for help,

“Save me from myself,”

receiving no reply.


The only thing,

he ever desired,

was peace,

the sun to caress his face,

warming him,

inside out,

from his cold and broken soul.

Breathing in the calm,

something that does not exist,

in his own made-up world.


The only escape,

is to be heard,

his pleas,

yelling out,

until his dreams,

consume him,

bringing his,

long-awaited peace.


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