Everyday I sit here

Watching the hands on the clocks slowly creep their way around the circle

It means nothing

Time, time means nothing

Hours could go by, but that won't make me any closer to you

I'm standing right next to you, why do I feel so far away?

I'm talking to you, why do I feel so distant?

I'm sitting here, loving you

Why do I feel like it's a one-way street?

Why do I feel like I mean nothing?

Distance is a shitty thing, and no, I don't mean miles

Emotional distance is not something I can escape from feeling by hopping on the next train to                 Chicago to see your smile shine one last time

Emtional distance is not something that is so easily disreguarded when you're always being            pushed away

Everyday I sit here, next to you, waiting

Waiting for you let me in

The hours pass as time cripplingly inches on

And yet I am still not any closer to you.


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