“Waited” Written by: Faith Rushing

A girl sits

The girl waits

The girl is waiting for her mother to come home

The girl searches for her mother, but doesn’t find her

The girl looks at her watch, 5 minutes past


The girl walks, the girl thinks

The girl thinks about the groceries she’ll have to help with

The girl sighs then smiles

The girl looks at her watch, 10 minutes past

The girl sits, the girl waits


Mom’s car drives into the driveway

Mom says, “Honey”

Mom cries

Mom opens the door, holding no groceries

Mom enters the house

Mom sits on the couch

Mom gestures me to be near her

My mother said, “Go get your sister”


I went, I waited

My mother said, “We’re going to go visit your grandmother”

We get in the cold, rusty cage that holds us to keep us silent

I sat, I waited

We arrived at the house filled with memories that are too precious to let go

I cried, I waited

We went inside the memory-filled house

There on the cold bed, lied my grandmother

She was not breathing a single breath

She was not moving an inch

She was not alive

I cried, I waited


7 Years Later

I’m crying for I can’t hear her laugh when I say something funny

I’m waiting for her to laugh

I’m crying for I can’t feel her warm hugs

I’m waiting for her warm, loving hugs

I’m crying for it’s too hard

I’m ready to let go


I lay down in bed; I imagine what she would say,

I love you, I miss you

Don’t cry for me, I’m happy

I’m in a better place now; you don’t have to cry anymore.

You’ve cried, you’ve waited

You’ll see me soon; you’ve waited for too long.

I’ve seen you grow strong, you’ll do amazing things!

You’ll make me prouder than I already am!

I love you, I miss you, we cried, we waited

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