Wait! The Climate Isn't Supposed to Change?

Wed, 05/08/2013 - 12:14 -- evc1996

Climate's been changing for hundreds of years,
But the media's been filing lies into your ears.
Of course climate change must exist for a reason.
Thanks to the climate changing, we have seasons.

Climate change is just natural selection.
The environment benefits those with adaptations.
So if an animal doesn't have the traits to survive,
We mustn't blame climate change, which man has contrived.

I care about the environment
And all of the animals in it,
But this is just a big lie
To take money for "research" on the sly.

These views might be too radical for you,
And you may think "this girl has no clue,"
But I'm just saving you some time,
So you can go fight some real crimes

Because I know you want to fight for a cause,
And initiate environmental laws,
But I'm just not that litigious,
Nor am I all that religious.


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