waisted time

drunk or sober it was always you

there is a lonely hum in my brain where your name used to be

i will drown myself to silence in

it if i do not get some peace and quiet soon

i would slit my throat in the hope that every word

that i could never say to you would come spilling out

and you could finally read the riddles of my love


my words could just be stains on a bathroom floor

maybe then would you finally understand

all i have is a whisper

i cannot look at you anymore

but i cannot wash you away from my mind either

i am mad at you,

for what you did to me.

but i am mad at myself too

i should have fought harder for you

i am lying to myself just to make this bearable

i am lying to myself thinking

you were ever what i needed

it is such a shame that we

look up at the same sky

and see such different things.


it has been a while.

i miss you

i am forgetting your voice

and i am going crazy trying to remember

you just saying my name

it is midnight and i am thinking of your lips against mine

while you are probably fucking her

i need to learn to stay away from lonely places

i need to learn to stay away from you

i hope one day i honestly believe

that i wasted all my time on you.


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