Life is like a burnt waffle rough around the edges, but still delightfully delicious. 

There is always one morning when you, or someone makes a waffle and it is left in the toaster for far too long, when it comes out you look at it a little burned from the edges, you think if you should eat it, but the realization comes out that there is no more left in the package, so you go ahead and eat it.

At first it is not as good as you expected but subconsciously, since it is the last one you enjoy it. Bite after bite, you forget about the appearance of the waffle. All you do is think of how the rest of your day is going to be, but you are not sure how it will really be.


That is the same way as the waffle, your life may not go like the one you want, it may not perfect. What is needed to be done is to face it and enjoy the life you have it may not be aesthetically the best, but it is the only one you have.


No one knows how your life is going to be, the same way, as the waffle seemed to not be delightful it was until you took a bite and realized it was not as bad as it had been expected. 


-Abimelec Cazarez


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