For W, One Day

You said

"One day we'll have a last kiss"

And I wrinkled my forehead,

And opened my mouth, only to close it. 


Because you're right. 

One day our lips will part.

Saying goodbye forever. 


One day our eyes will look away, never to meet again. 

One day will be the last you see your reflection in my ocean eyes. 

Eyes never to crinkle again in the  corners from laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. 


One day you will caress my skin for the last time. 

One day I will kiss your forehead for the last time,

never to taste you again. 

One day we will lay together for the last time,

intertwined like a sloppy pretzel. 

Never to melt into eachother again. 

Never to feel your heartbeat against my cheek again. 


One day, I will gaze at you, admiring your face for the last time. 

One day will be the last day you look at me

like you're seeing the sun for the first time. 

One day we will say hello for the last time. 


One day,

will be the last. 


And when that day comes. 

I will remember all our firsts. 


And when that day comes, 

I hope that I gave you everything I had to give. 

I hope that I made you the happiest man on Earth. 


I hope that you truly understand what you meant to me. 

I hope that nothing will ever be bitter between us. 

I hope that day never comes. 


But when it does, 

I hope you know that you made me feel like the most

beautiful woman on Earth. 

I hope you know that all I want for you is to be happy. 

I hope you know how grateful I am to have known you. 

I hope you know just how much I love you. 

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