I encouraged myself,
I mounted on a voyage to the far reaches of space
a spaceship fueled by the sadness of my heart
a pioneer of the cold, the void, and the emptiness
a professional in these areas
I graduated with honors in deception 
a diploma in failure
and a certificate for pushing others away
everything was almost…
I lost myself, 
I landed on different planets
of all colors, all sizes, and all climates
more than emotions, they were memories of you and I
I passed through Mars, your red lips
Jupiter, your waves of hair in colorful storms
Neptune, your favorite color blue
the flashes of thunder in each planet’s surface
reflected the scenes that played constantly in my head
I found myself,
embedded in the despair of a dying star
in the remnants of an interplanetary collision
the fire burned away, the cold adopted a White Dwarf
I lost more than a Hypergiant
you took me to the Roche Limit
and as I became stardust, 
I saw your silhouette
drawn by the fragments of a passive comet
I gave myself, 
to the devotion of pulling you closer
the black hole in my chest called you out
your image passed through the wormholes of my memory
the lexicon clashing galaxies of pictures
words I discovered to describe you beyond our dimension
an interstellar travel to the past
my body disintegrating by the vacuum of space
the last thing I felt was a celestial embrace
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