a Voracity for a Veterinary Vocation

Waking up to the perfect view:

A field of horses just outside my room.

Realizing that they're my clients for the day,

I'm responsible for taking their problems away. 


I administer vaccines, do a check-up or two,

lameness exams,  and visit a foal that's brand new. 

It's a busy job with new patients each day,

but it's a position I'd never trade.


I've dreamed of this career since day one, 

and maybe it's hard, but I'm in it for the long run.

I live to serve animals and help them heal,

and my goal in this life is to make this dream real.


It takes kindness and patience,

knowledge, dedication,

courage, and hope, 

but no matter what, I'll never give up. 


I'll keep on pursuing this call in my life,

come hell and high waters, discord and strife. 

It'll take time and commitment, with plenty of stress,

but nothing can stop me from being a vet. 





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