The Void

There is said to be “a space in our heart that can never be filled.”

To believe this to be true is so fundamentally flawed. Perhaps even unreal.

I can see love’s undeniable presence within this world

A very rare anomaly that is both easily noticeable and concealed.


So as I lay at night sleepless and drunk of thought I wait.

I wait for the this space in my hollow heart to engulf someone else like the coastal tide does to the rocks at night.

I wait…

I wait for one of those incredibly romantic dates when I can look at the quintessence of “love at first sight” directly in the face.

I wait…

I wait for God to look down upon me and say “Boy today is your day.”

I wait…


The world darkens as another night begins to go by.

As I lay down I can still feel this loud, but quite growl from within.

At first I could not grasp what it was, but every time I think about the concept of love

I can hear the mute depressing cry of the void.

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