The void
it grows, expands, eats
becoming larger each moment.
The bridge, that tries to cross the void
is made of 2 parts.
These parts, once made to meet
are shrinking away;
made to touch, every depleting,
always trying, endless tension.
One part extends as far as eternity;
the 2nd retreats, hides, folds
like a piece of bait, a waiting dream
the dream becoming refined
as the journey lengthens
the dream is less noticeable, hard to reach
a paradise lost among memories.
Now steps made to cross waves
shaking, unstable, but assuring
A 2nd chance to cross the void
BUT WAIT!! The 2nd end closes
as a bus just leaving a stop.
Never to return in the exact way.
Frozen, stuck, confused
the void surrounds
brings a new place.
One with different parts, bridges
The void continues on
In this new.
Never filled
rarely crossed.


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