Voices, Opinions, Thoughts.

One wrong thing said, and the whole crowd laughs.

What to say? What not to say? Why do i even care so much?

Wrong answer, and my whole body shakes.

Afraid to speak infront of class, the thought of it makes me tremble.

Before words slip out of my mouth, my heart is racing at lightening speed.

So many eyes staring at you while sweat runs down your face.

What do you do when you are afraid to voice your opinion?

School is supposed to be the fun part of your life..yet i feel so trapped.

Days seem so endless. Hallways are filled with so many people.

Yet you feel so alone at the same time.

People always judge what you do, and say.

They even judge what you wear, and call you names you try to forget.

Am i good enough? Why do they hate me so much?

This burden fills my head with doubt.

Over-thinking, stress, and anxiety.

is this really what life about?


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