Voices fighting

You will never achieve anything. You have failed
Your life has been a failure, nothing but darkness
Your degree is useless, you're unemployable
I’ll try again
You will be stuck in the factory forever
That is not my future
Your family is disappointed in you
My family loves me
You are lost in your path to happiness
I found myself
You will never get your bachelors
I won’t know if I don’t try
You are going to fail
I fail by not trying
You don’t have the money
I can save
You don’t have time
I will manage
You have no friends
That is not true anymore
You are despised
I am well loved
You are unhealthy
I am getting better
You are alone
I am meeting new people every day
You will fail
I have beat you depression, I will win at life
I have silenced you, no one is telling me no
My life is brighter ahead, nothing can stop me.

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