The Voices


Overwhelming loud in my head

A crowded brain, my minds so jumbled



The voices tell me I'm not good enough

You're not working hard enough

You've gotta do better than that!

Why aren't you working?

You're lazy! Stupid! Not Good Enough!

The voices have faces

Family. Used to be friends.

I've got to prove them wrong.

I work so hard my head hurts.

I try so hard my eyes close.

I'm dying inside as the voices yell

They won't shut up

Peace be still.

But then you come.

Take a break.

You'e going to kill youself.

Who told you that?

Don't look at me that way or I'll slap you.

You're good enough.

You're smart. You're hard-working. You're more than good enough.

Their voices are so soft. Different. Drowning out the voice's faces.

Making me believe

Making me stop

Allowing me to be


And accepting who I want me to be.



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