The Voices

No one tells you how to use your voice at first

It’s used just for fun with your friends, to show off, or to be rebellious against your traditional or religious family

Later you’re told, “Why not sing this? Breathe through your nose. Why can’t you reach a higher pitch?”

They mean well, we know but every time they direct our voices we only question ourselves

“Why can’t I do something else? Isn’t this good enough for them? I wonder if I can get out of this?”


We want them to be proud of us at every turn

Hoping that they acknowledge us and the hard work we do

But enough is enough

Our voice is ours to shape

To form, even fix into what we love most

Striving to prove that we can do this

To find the cords that lead to our success

Even if it’s only half way


Even so …every moment we work towards that goal is happiness

A day will come where we breathe in all that we went through

To come back and say

“Do you like the sound of my voice?” 


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