We want to hear the voices of honest and truthful persons.

All the people who love babies say an emphatic yes.

People who oppose power hungry politicians state your views.

Those who are tired of oppression fearlessly speak out.

If you have never taken the life of a human being, proudly exclaim.

Lovers of the truth stand up and boldly shout it out.

All you peacemakers denounce bloodshed, violence, and war.

My people do not be afraid of persecution and intimidation.

Men who do not romantically desire men let us hear your voices.

Women who do not romantically desire women tell the public.

Those who want the world to be a better place voice your opinions.

If you support free speech, raise your hands and say it loudly.

Lovers of equal rights and justice, sign your signatures on this page.

People with integrity show your faces and speak to us.

The ones who agree with this composition do not keep silent.

Speak up and let the whole world hear your voices clearly.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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