Heart racing

Mind chasing

Hot tears

Full of fears


“You don't deserve this,

Your worthless

Your weak

You have no one

No one cares

There better off without you

Causing them stress”


I can't stop the voices

They echo in my ears

All at once 

I can't chase away the fears


“They'll leave you

Like they always do

You'll put them under stress

So just leave too”


My heart aches

My head bangs

I cant breath

Why is this all on me

Why can't I have something of my own

Something that will keep me sane

But all I am is alone

In my mind I roam


“You don't deserve to pass

You don't deserve good

You deserve everything bad

And more to come soon

You can end it now

Set everyone free

From the agony you cause

Set them free”


I scream internally 

I can't stop them

I can't tell anyone

They'll think i'm a mess

Too much to deal with

Don't even try

I'm a slob





I shouldn't even cry

I shouldn't even try


The voices get loud

Nothing stops them

I feel so alone

To scared to stop them

Because if their right

What does that leave me with?

Nothing and no one


“So just get it over with”

They say in chorus 


The voices can never be satisfied, 

I hate how I feel inside

I can’t stop them 

No one can


“Set us free

Set us free

This body is nothing to us

We hate you 

We hate it here

It's all your fault”

They chant

Growing louder than

Anything that can

Why me

Why us

Why everything


I just wish to be free

From this mortality


When i'm alone it’s worse

That's when they echo and shout

All the things that are true

That I feel are true


I stare blankly at my homework





Why can’t I breathe

Why can’t I think clearly

They echo and echo away into the night

I fall victim to the loneliness alright

I’ve tried everything to stop them

To end this pain


But they are never satisfied


They want me to bleed

They want me to grieve

They want me to hurt

They need me to die

They hate me because I brought them here

And I can’t get them out


It hurts my soul

Forever bound

By the endless voices around


I feel I may die

But that’s alright

Another end to a story

That no one will ever tell

Another end to a life

Better than living in this hell

Another end

No more pain

This can all be taken away 

Just one step

Just one more push

One more pull


Im standing on an edge

Tiperoping my way

Through this endless void


To be saved


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