they told me to rise

with dawn,

but i fade
 with every daybreak.

maybe some are meant to live

in darkness because

shooting stars can only

light up the night.

stars won’t warm your skin,

but they carry the wishes of every soul

whose feet can never leave earth.

i cannot live in all the wrong places

because they told me

right and wrong only last twelve hours a day.

i stay to ignite hope

and that is only craved in the darkness.


i am a desert,

dried of words.

i have said all i can,

felt all there is to feel

about all we have said

and left unsaid.


i will have no more poems

until you can give
 more words to me—,

that is the greatest
 tragedy of all:

 chained my art to my heart,

so that when
 you left with my love,

you left me voiceless,


i hope my memory haunts you

and i hope these words touch you

in ways my hands could not.

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