Voice Vs. Silence

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 12:31 -- rlwise

My voice,

He never listens only speaks

Even when I’m not ready to talk

He opens his mouth and says

Whatever he can to prove he’s right.

He only sees sides, sides to be chosen

Not coexisting. He forces me to confide

In him to show I am loyal, then spews

Out my secrets into the world to ruin

The lives I tried to spare. He says

I can’t keep it inside forever,

That I can save others

If I stop being selfish

And tell all the gory details.

He wants me to prove

My story with scars,

physical not emotional,

something to show I’m not lying.

He always asks if I’m okay,

Reminding me over and over again

Of what I’m constantly trying to forget.

He pities me, sees me as broken

And damaged, a girl needing to be saved.


My silence,

She knows that sometimes

There is not power in speaking

But in forgiving and releasing

The vice grip I held, letting go

And moving on. She never asks

Me to prove myself or tries to fix

Me because she knows I am not broken,

I am strong enough to face every day

Without letting it tear me down.

She understands I do not want to slander

Another’s name, that there are always

Two sides to every story and I do not know

What his side was. She lets me heal,

Understands that my voice works,

But I hold the power to choose

Whether or not I use it.

She always nods at me, a reminder

That she sees I am okay,

And that she is there if I ever need her.


My voice doesn’t understand the power

In silence, and my silence understands

The power I have without using my voice.



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