A Voice That's Heard


Sometimes I just want to be heard,

E'en though I'm small, my voice not loud.

I tend to blend, be out of sight,

Hid to the side, out in the crowd.


But times there are when I need voice-

But often when I have a thought

I have no chance to speak my part,

Be heard, e'en slight responses got.


But maybe, if my thoughts I write

Then others will of them take note:

I may be hid, still out of sight,

But now with voice to sway a vote.


So now I write- Let others see!-

And know that to be heard I seek.

Now, maybe friends and classmates too

Will listen to me when I speak.




My voice is heard some more these days,

Though maybe not heard ev'ry time.

But I speak little anyways,

And quietly most of the time.


A better way I now have found

By which I can express my thought.

It can be rather full and loud-

It's something I enjoy a lot.


It has become my second voice-

An instrument I love to play-

An instrument I play by choice-

The organ is the voice I play.

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