The Voice Not Heard

A voice,

The sounds in your head,

The sounds that surround us,

The voice to be heard.

To be heard by who,

By the person next to you,

By the person in control,

By the one person that holds your life in their hands.

What do they hear?

What does that voice say?

Who is there to listen to you?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear my cry?

Can you hear my plea?

Can you hear me?

The words I speak,

The words that are not heard,

The words that hold it all,

The words I speak.

The voice not heard,

The voice that never sounds,

The voice that screams,

The voice not heard.

What is a voice?

The written word,

The sounds from our lips,

What is a voice?

The conversion between people,

The look shared between lovers,

What is a voice?

Who hears this voice?


Your loved ones,

A random person on the street,

Who hears this voice?

This voice that you want to be heard.

Who are you?

Who is the person behind the face?

Who is it you want to be?

Who is it you want people to see?

Who is it you want people to understand?

What voice do you want people to hear?

What is it you want to say?

What is it you want people to hear?

What is it you can’t say?

What is it they can’t hear?

Your cry for help,

Your cry for love,

Your cry for peace,

Your cry for death.

What is your voice saying?


Tell the world,

Tell the world to move on,

Tell it you don’t want to listen any more,

Tell it that you don’t care anymore,

Tell it goodbye.

Use your voice to tell the world that it no longer holds you to its surface.

You ask me to be who I am,

Yet you criticize me at every turn.

You ask me to be normal,

Yet you know I’m not.

You ask me to come along,

Yet you don’t acknowledge me.

As I sit here on my bed I think to myself,

What if I didn’t have a voice?

Would it be easier to tell people how I feel?

Could I tell that guy in my English class that I liked him?

Could I tell my family that I need my space and not to put so much pressure on me?

What if my voice was taken from me?

I could no longer have that emotion in the way I speak.

I could no longer share myself with the world.

What if my voice held the power to help others?

Could I help get a homeless shelter more money?

Could I talk someone of the ledge?

What could my voice be used for?











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