I'm in hot summer every night
In my brain lives a girl who is autonomously intelligent
She holds strings and vessel of tremendous love and feelings
Voice in my feelings is the sound of truth and humanity engulfing no violence
To keep a woman and receives appreciation from the most high
I feel like the race is down my arteries to fulfill the needs of true love for the sweetheart
The pain unquenchable and too aggressive and alike to death in case of a lose
Money can't buy the feeling so I keep this shit a deal to work hard and receive a lively wages
Waves of squashing water flows faster than the habit to love a whore
Terminate in my heart voice of red ropes to the delicate honeymoon kisses
I live in this wicked atmosphere caressing and your beauty wishes to die inside the inner me
How I love this feeling, and how I costly hold you in my heart, only Lord knows.

The believe to keep a woman in my heart till marriage
I will love to testify in front of the priest and the congregation that this lady was my teen love till now
I want to marry the girl of my choice whom I fell in love with when I was young.

#Consistency in love for humanity.


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