A Voice that Leaves No Headache

Silencing speech

Having the ability to talk to walk to paint to sing to dance to run to scream

Using the mind to the extent of its greatest capabilities

Using the body to express emotions, thoughts, and wishes not yet fathomed by its person

Choosing to silence speech

Using the mind and body to express what others cannot hear




Findng a voice that is heard without vocal chords or tongues

Forming words without mouths or lips

People hearing what they see

Avalanches of emotions crashing down

Their bellies knotting  with feelings ready to erupt

Succeeding in being heard without noise

Following a passion

A hunger

Blood pouring out

Sweating dripping and soaking 

leaving the body coated in salt

Faces sticky with dust and hair, stained pink and breathless

But leaving the mind consumed with what it has heard but leaving no headache







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