Voice Of A Black Girl

Label me an African girl who has being discriminated and condemned for the assumptions of who she might be.                      

I came to this country to achieve my dreams, i came to thrive towards my goal, but rumors and whispers of racists, and  sexists leaves me to wonder. why am i placed so low?

I came to this country to get exposed, i came to learn more about life, but being judged often based on stereotypes, critics, and haters leaves me to think, maybe it is natural to be weak!

I came to this country, a country i believe would help me touch the sky, a country i believe would help me stand tall and let my voice be heard. But voices of the world would not let me speak.

Just walking to the train, I hear murmurs  ... "she's African,"  "she stinks,"  "like fish" "its because she's poor" "be careful she might be  a pickpocket, she's African you know."  "Nah don't be scared she is  just a nigga."  "more like thieves" that's their guesses about me.

Tears of "black people" as we are so called pours down like a waterfall, from insults, abuse and discrimination. We weep and pray for someone to see past the stereotypes of our color that rips off our honor, respect, dignity, confidence, and shatters our dreams forgetting that we decide how much authority the stereotypes and judgments has over everything that concerns us.

Girls are discriminated against  "they are failures," "they are  weaklings" "they are useless" "they belong in the kitchen" GIRLS our life is our court, we decide how things run, make that clear! Do not let pointless comments break your strength, we carry burdens the world cannot,  we keep the world running, be bold! be voiceful.  Stand tall regardless of the odds, because in the presence of God we are all equal.

Color, gender, origin... has no embargo on the extent of our capability. If you are black and ashamed of your color or a female and embarrassed by it " your cup of tea."  As for me " read my lips"


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