A powerful tool

Made to encourage

Not tear down



Used to communicate

Messages of love

Not for evil humor


When words are exchanged

Can you trust them?

Seeing them written

Without emphasis?


When language isn’t enough,

Can your words bring light?

Can your vocal deceit

Bring about trust?


Can emotions

Mask intentions

Can I hate you!

Mean I love you


When language fails

And words can’t provide

And I can’t fathom the words to say

When you ask if I’m ok…


Where life is at an indescribable point

Where no such words have been invented

And I can’t combine the right vowels and consonants

To tell you what I’m experiencing


Are there words that I have not learned?

Words to describe this indescribable feeling?

What is this feeling?

I think and I think


But words aren’t enough… 


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