I represent the woman who chooses to wear a veil.

Who has lived here for years and still only gets stares.

She says, “Hello, how are you?”

And all you can think is you’re not like me now that won’t do,

So you nod in silence

And proceed while smiling

But what you don’t understand

Is that by making her appearance a brand

You’ve caused her to start closing a curtain

Between herself and society

Your refusal to listen

Has made her feel like she can’t have a conversation


I represent the 16-year-old girl who is carrying a child

Who lives in denial

Of how what you call a mistake has suddenly made her a disgrace

You can limit her to statistics

But lets get realistic

Within her is growing a beautiful creation

And for all you know it could be the future of our nation

So have some compassion

And stop blaming your harsh judgments on being old fashioned

Stop acting like she is unworthy

And simply listen to her story


I represent the class proclaimed genius

Who goes home everyday trying not to shatter into a million pieces

from the pressure of perfectionism

Who only speaks when asked a question

or when gibing a presentation

For fear if she speaks outside her knowledge

She will say the wrong thing a

And in her mind that’s failing

Falling into embarrassment

Feeling unintelligent

You tell her she has it good

But all she ever wishes is that you understood

So stop pushing on her what you think and give her that chance to speak


I represent all those who have been silenced

by this world’s unkindness

So from now on lets all agree

To let everyone speak freely

Not to deprive people of expression

Simply because it gets in the way of our expectations

But instead inspire them to have confidence

Help them realize they’re important

Stop acting like they’re unworthy

Start acting more like the Almighty

Showing unconditional love

From God above

Give them the choice

Of voice





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