The Voice

I hear a voice hovering over all the earth.
You can hear it as it swims the oceans.
It's strong and climbs the mountains,
Exhibits a still, small voice in the plains,
Never dries up even in the deserts,
And flies forever in the sky.
Each word echoes steady rhythm in the sky,
Never fading as it reaches all the corners of the earth.
Its strength causes the sandstorms in the deserts.
It's heard at the very bottom of the oceans.
The grass dance to its beat in the plains,
And thunder cowers to its voice in the mountains
Its power and faith move the mountains,
And lightning strikes in fear in the sky.
It brought the dust bowl in the Great Plains.
It's a formidable force on the earth,
The waves follow it in the oceans,
And clouds cry rainfall in the deserts.
It counted the grains of sand in the deserts,
Brought up the mountains,
Separated the vast oceans,
Painted the brightly blue sky,
Exemplified the wonders of the earth,
And flattened the lands of the plains.
It makes the beasts that roam the plains,
Watches over the pyramids in the deserts,
Knows of all that's in the earth,
Sprinkles the snow atop the mountains,
Directs the wind in the sky,
And grows the glaciers on the oceans.
It finds the lost in the oceans,
Condemns the locusts in the plains,
Makes the stars shine in the sky,
Nourishes the cacti in the deserts,
Guides the cattle in the mountains,
And it's present throughout the earth.
It's as deep as the oceans and high as the sky.
It's heard in the deserts and glides over the plains.
The mountains praise it and it reigns over all the earth.


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