The Voice With-In


Somerset, NJ
United States


  There she is sitting all alone, cramped in her schools restroom stall. Hiding from those who scorned her and called her names. Wanting to speak out, but too afraid. Her tongue speechless but her thoughts as loud as a raging elephant. How can something so big not be heard? Its like screaming in a busy room and no one can hear you. Until I met a dear friend. A friend that I could tell everything too. No matter how upsetting it was, I could trust it would stay between us. My friend helped me to express my feelings in a way that mended my lonely heart and soon others. These friends were no other than my trustworthy journal and a bold and honest pen. They expressed more than I ever could. More than I imagined I ever would. With them both helping me to release what I felt inside I became stronger. Something inside me was happening something magical. I was releasing without speaking and that was just perfect for me. What is this world that embraces my thoughts? What is this voice inside of me that blooms out unto this blank canvas? I will tell you who she is. Her name is Poetry and she has saved my life, and with just a simple thought she can help you speak out to those who can’t hear and mend the hearts of those who live in fear. -Chanice

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