The Voice

It whispered to me throughout the day. Whenever I came up with a new idea, a new goal, a better solution, it whispered. Not a whisper of positivity, but a whisper of doubt, a whisper of low self-esteem, a whisper of fear. Fear permeated through my veins.The fear of not being successful, not being good enough, not being worthy. The voice was persistent and was doing its job well. I lacked motivation, drive, and the courage to do any of the things I put my mind to. Then one day, one day, I heard something louder. Something louder than the whisper. It was a roaring voice filled with faith, fearlessness, and might. The voice was God. I stopped doubting myself and listening to those subtle whispers. I left doubt and had a date with faith. Faith and God allowed me to be fearless. I dropped doubt and new doors opened up for me. There was no room for low self-esteem and fear. This faith that I had and the roaring voice of God wouldn't allow me to hear that dreadful whisper. I began to trust in myself and my God and now the only voices I hear are voices of prosperity, belief, and faith. Fear exists no longer and that voice is nothing compared to the voice of God.

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