Vodka Tongue

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 14:12 -- jacklyn

Your vodka tongue
So toxic, so young
Slithers its way into my thoughts
Hides my fears
Gives me ten shots
Of pure toxic lust
And I get lost, so lost
In your pierced blue eyes
And the lies they hide
And the fantasies we share
Over the course of thousands of years
Lust and bloom
Love so new
Takes over the heart
Takes over me
And forever I get lost in a sea
Of confusion and desire
You’re such a liar, such a liar
When you walked away that day
As the rain poured
And there were no words left to say
God, how I crave your skin
The touch of your soft hands
That melted against mine
When it was hot
And everything seemed fine
Everything seemed fine
Except the ruby in your lips
Were more red than they should be
And your vodka tongue
Shot fires out of a gun
Hit me straight in the heart
My body didn’t just fall
It fell apart
Broken pieces shattered the floor
What was once here
Isn’t any more


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