Vocal Sword


United States
34° 10' 53.1336" N, 117° 13' 56.4132" W

Every battle ever won was fought with a weapon, that statement leads me to ask you this question...
What am fighting with?
But before we get to that every weapon used in these battles was tailored for the opponent
So what am I fighting against?
Im fighting influences
My parents always think they understand the battle Im fighting
But im not so sure they do
24/7 I am attacked by my opponent, my foe is merciless
and will not stop until I succumb to its ideals
It attacks my senses with music telling me the kind of guy I want to be
TV telling me who I should be so tell me...
How do you fight something this massive
What do you do when he enemy is all around you
It's obvious I need something with the power to move millions
I need something to help gather forces to my aid
I need something to help others see my point of view so they can see what I see
I gotta have something that can cause a shockwave
So all of my opponents will immediately switch sides when they look up
and see the magnificence of the weapon I wield
I've been training wit this weapon everyday improving my skill and ability
Practicing on a punching bag in my garage
Running to the top like a rocky balboa montage
and finally after being sharpened, cleaned, and prepared
I look to the horizon, where
The numbers of my enemy have grown so large that they blot out the sun
and I can hear my own heartbeat
I am ready, THUMP, for war
So I stood stall
and unsheathed my VOCAL SWORD!
and DANG!!...
it was a magnificent sight
me and my vocal sword against the world
I haven't been overwhelmed yet,
It may be me against thousands
but be careful where you place your bets
because im fighting to stay an individual,
not just one of the many men taken prisoner by ignorance
and being fooled into thinking,
putting your own comrades down, makes you stronger somehow...
I cut the crap with my vocal sword
cut it back with my vocal sword
and stay on the attack
with my vocal sword
my vocal sword never grows dull
and I will remain in resistance
and hopefully so will the millions of other wielders of this weapon in existence
we are a unit
standing strong showing off our vocal swords
nobody knows the trouble we've seen
as we were born
we were attack in our adolescence by cowards
attacking us before we can even fight back,
trying the hardest a man possibly can
to make your mothers ray of sunshine turn to black
and they have succeeded time and time again
our people need god
because there are too many cases
Columbine, Amanda Todd
all broken before their sword was done being crafted
or always knew it was there but wouldn't go when they were drafted
and finally...
there are the ignorant people
who were granted this weapon and use it for evil
how can I expect to succeed when my opponent has equal
or greater power than me?
Its unfathomable...
So I must be greater, be stronger
be more consistent than ever before
take every shot I got because all is fair in love and war
and I plea to my brothers
be a new, not another
enraging double agent,
they are among us galore
be a soldier for society and unsheathe...
Thank You.


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