Vocal Evolution

Poetry for me, man it's a a refuge

When salt water confessions rain down and the universe serves reality, hot & fresh

Vowels and consonants block out the world.

Poetry for me, man it's a friend

That never turns its back on days when

My voice sends tremors that ring in at 8 on a Richter scale

Instead my poetry, she fills the cracks

She lets my confessions fill up washes

She reminds me that I'll be okay. 

Poetry for me, man it's a lover

That reminds me to be vulnerable

And when He leaves, let Him leave

Then curl into these words and let them touch.

Poetry for me, man it's a dream

It's my imagination painted on the back of similes

It's the ability to fly in ABC's

Soaring in my script, giving no sh-

Thoughts, giving no thoughts to the reality I leave 4,000 feet below

Poetry for me, man it's always been release

Selling my oppression to gain some understanding

Presenting myself naked on a stage to strangers

Spitting my innocence into beats with no regard

For the thoughts of tomorrow

Or any of their perceptions

Because it's always better out than in.

Poetry for me, man. 
It's everything.

Madison Olivia Miller 2016.

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