Quantum mechanical combo, armor & ammo

I'm an animal on it, clobber and slam flows

Yo, go commando, control it with no handles

A scandalous, laughin, slow dancin bold vandal

Rapping gold in fanciful fashion, cracking skulls

(Damn Woah!) Radical spazzing in cavernous catacombs

Crafter of mathematical wrath on Rappad at home

Suffer much, better know that I got pain

Better than the other fucks composing the quatrain

No liar, I go higher, my soul's fiery hot flame

Yet ice cold, wiley, quite bold, totally got brains

Slice throats, flying five miles over a geyser of white snow

Gaze into the beauty, moving and my eyes froze

Patience is a virtue but I might fold & hurt you

Delightful with the verse dude, insightful words true

I'm an excitable, berzerk, bright brute


No discerning what the high jerk might do

Combining fire with herb and I like brew

High off the purp and huffing the right glue

Flow goin' higher, total poet fire, combustion

Bowl smoking with a broken lighter, munchin' the fried foods

Dysfunctional white dude, what I scribble and write's crude

Quit quibbling with prisms of light which I get my vision and sight through, you're listening right?

You're a victim of life if you're living it trite

Abominabal novice's

Vomit flow with neausousness

Yo, I'm a golden god of this

Goin' hotter than a rocket gets

Thought's of positives & oppisites

Box deposits watched by the cops & pigs

& Lots of other hopped up operative's


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