A Vivid Picture of Me and You.

It's odd that I do not need to add a mod-ification or filter

To show the real me, the E-R-I-C-K 

E stands for excellent, this poem shows the essence 

R stands for rhymer who spits fire

I stands for In, as in Excellent Rhymer In Control of Knowledge that is acknowledged

Words expressed is authentic, spread so far to people, they are considered pathogenic. 

I am a Emcee, that's the real Me.

I can paint a vivid picture,

Of  myself, vivid as any scripture 

I'm just a regular person with imperfections, I do not need a filter to divide me to many different sections

Introspection made me go through that flexion

I will not go through rejection, I have to accept that. 

That is real me, in your mind, an image you'll see 


Cameras create illusions that cause confusion. 

No need for cameras to show your true colors, people will still love you one way or the other

Your awesome and cool, don't let a eletronic tool define you

As a true person who can make it through the difficult imperfections that are visible. 

A different mind state will make you invisible 

You'll be like the sun, standing tall forever and falling to the ground is never 

An option because someone who loves you is always watching 

Over your shoulder, at the times when your heart gets colder 

But keep smiling, all the imperfections will be compiling to a vivid picture of you 

Can't you see the clues?

Stay up with a smile, not down with the blues.






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