Vitality of creativity

I've been asked about inspiration before, but the answer always dwells the same.

We live in a world so rough by chaos and riots, mingled with the atrocities of life and failure, surrounded by triumphs and hurdles that every child in our hearts weep.

But that's the point. The child in us gets to sleep tight, hold onto those memories before us, of a future of being astronauts and firefighters, that kid in our chest gets to hold on tight.

We walk out every day, into this blaze of violence and we do it all for what? To satisfy the teary eyed crowd within us. To show that we wake up every day to make those lost dreams a reality, somehow, someway.

Inspiration is understanding that we trudge along these widows peaks only to prove to ourselves that we could do it. That our hearts dont break and heal for naught. To show every school bully that, yeah, I DID make it. Who's gonna stop me now?

And it's ok to stumble. That little kid in you, is fragile, you're fragile, take care of yourself. If not take care of that little kid, that old broken feeling of freedom.

The vitality of creativity is life itself, and creativity is inspiration. We are what makes us.

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