The Visit

When a function on your body isn't working
your body automatically wants to shut down
Walking in a hospital makes your brain freak out
your mind goes into shock and pulls away
you vision looking down a tunnel
all you want to do is rip open your chest and take out your lungs
It's not as easy as you think
Take a few steps and fall
Go into a wheelchair and not know who is pushing you
end up in a room with wires and needles
Then shut the door.
Your lungs feel like rocks
Pressing down on you and closed up
They don't help you breath
They just make you stay in this place
Person after person
Scrubs after scrubs
Hands after hands coming to your chest
Listening to whats not working
Another strange man wheeling you down a hall way
left and right you dont know where you are anymore
till you end up in a room
With machines and glass
Then the door shuts
Eyes scan the room but all you see is blood
Then the scattered blood on the machinery
Another person leads you to a machine
stand in front of it
all the way
Press against it
Standing there you face a mans ghostly appeal
His chin inches from yours
His eyes starring in pain
looking so trapped
so scared
From a far a yell to breath and hold your breath
then breath and as your do the face changes
an old woman now appears
same trapped feeling
OK you can get back on the bed now, don't fall
Close your eyes and let them take you back
Round the corners and turns to your room
The wait would be long
Your mind wondering to somewhere else
Then another man comes in
A mask goes over your face and your told to breath
Deeper and deeper every time
After 10 minutes you can not stay still
The shaking and heart rate goes up again
Take off the mask to see whats under
Lungs over powered and shut down again
Not breathing your body shakes
as bad as a seasure you try and calm down
But it seems so irrelevant
As the doctor is called an aporation appears at the entrance of the room
An old man watching you
as if you were just entertainment to him
Your death is entertaining
Another female glimmers by
Looks and smiles then keeps going
Snapping back to reality 15 minutes later
You can breath again
10 minutes later
Its better than before
You wont die tonight
Medical talk happens
you just nod and say okay
The want to leave is to great
Forgetting you are undressed under a cloth you quickly reseve your clothes
stepping out of the room all eyes are on the door
you know you shouldn't but the last door you race to get away
Breathless for a moment you stop and lean on a tree
It's over, yet just begun
And your still alive


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