The Vision Of Perfection

Cross my heart,
And hope while I cry
That one day, you will see
That I can really fly
That one day, you'll notice
That I'm finally enough
And that one day, you will realize
That your 'love' was too much
That it tore at my insides
And shredded my heart
To the point that when you were done with me
I ripped myself apart
I never really loved myself
Not nearly enough
Always felt like a mistake
So just existing proved tough
Even now, as I am writing
You are degrading me, devaluing me
And as my pillow drinks my tears
I am desperately attempting to see
How can I be better,
Or perfect in your eyes?
Stitch my lips shut and rewire my brain
Become the vision of perfection, only in disguise

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Gravity words

This piece was so deep just reading it made me cry as I was reading it, but keep writing more.


Oh my gosh thank you so much. I'm sorry that I made you cry but I am glad that you felt something from my poem

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