The Vision Of Many


I look all around and I feel their sorrow. 

Young teenage girls worrying how they will look tomorrow. 

This isn't important each of us is beautiful. 

The media and even people tell them all these lies: 



not worth the time,

need more make up,

smaller jean's size,

no friends in sight,

be more popular,

you need a guy. 

LIES I tell you each and every one! 

Why do they believe it if the battles already been won?


Not world hunger, nor world peace,

Not these things and even though they are dandy, 

If I could change what you are telling me I can, 

I would change the way girls see themselves instead.


They would see beauty, not the superficial kind but the kind that comes from inside.

They would see intelligence, of the utmost importance. 

They would see confidence, knowing who they are no matter what others told them. 

They would see perfection in imperfection, as no one is truly perfect.

They would see the friends they are blessed with, or find true friends to be with.  

They would see that they don't need a certain guy to tell them they are beautiful because they would already know.

They would see that they don't need to fit in, rather to stand out and make a difference. 

They would see that they are worth the time and that someone who tells them otherwise is telling a lie. 

They would see themselves the way they truly are. 


My generation is plagued by lies in the media, 

girls like me are told things to keep them ensnared. 

If I could change just one thing in the world -

Every girl would see the truth. 

Every girl would be confident. 

This is what I would change in the vision of many. 



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