Vision of Love

Go to sleep, go sleep, it’s time for sweet dreams,

Shhh… don’t make a sound the time of freedom is upon us.

Images set up in the corner of my sleepy eye dance beside me,

painted pictures of my love for you, floating around for all to see.

Bearing the endless thoughts, emotions, and purity of my only love,

clouded memory of you take over me in this slow falling dream of us.

My heart could love no other as much as I love you to pieces,

The vision of love poured out for display, watching you take me in your arms,

worry did not exist in the world I created for us to share.

Church bells sound on the outside bringing me closer to you,

looking into your eyes that meant the world to me.

It was so close to being forreal, I knew we would cross someday.

Not a single word was said but our eyes could tell it all.




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