Violin Tears


The dark empty cave is where the violin plays

As the red fiber glass bow strikes a G-string

Two tears drop from my eyes to the dirty caved below

Those tears were called the tears of sadness and pain


As you gaze upon the tears, images will appear

You will see me crying

While my mother thinks she’s dying

Maybe it’s because she has cancer that’s in a stage three

It’s like she’s fighting a devastating battle

Just like the one Bismarck Sea


You will also see my little brother who thinks everything is well

But everyone else knows things aren’t so well in her cervix cells

As you gaze a little more you will see my dad locked up

While my mother is really sick like she has eaten a death cup


Finally you will see me

With a fake smile plastered on my face

Laughing as if everything is okay

But inside I’m filled with so much frustration

I know that I’m useless

So all I can do is play my blue violin

As my violin tears slowly falls down to the solid concrete ground




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