Views From the Inside

How will I be seen? How will I heard?

Can you help me find myself?

I can hear the struggles and pains from inside,

screaming out for help.

I feel small and helpless but am I really?

Everyone around me is enormous in size and courage,

But was I?

Daily struggles I have with the outside world,

Will never be eliminated.

Death is coming and I want to stop it

But will I be able to?

I walk outside afraid of dying,

Families cant stop crying.

Am I able to walk down the street without being a threat?

People I would hope to protect me, I'm afraid of them.

What type of world are we currently living in?

I am African-American and Free.

Why should I be penalized for something I cannot control?

I stand and pray "Don't Shoot" but does it matter?

Will America ever change, or will the black community die first?

I will stick up for my people forever,

And we will stay strong for the sake of our lives. 

Three words......BLACK LIVES MATTER


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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