The View to You

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 16:13 -- Swif20

Looking down what do you see
A world in pain
Or the way it’s supposed to be

Do you now understand how things got so wrong
How things were supposed to go
And how it’s been so long

Looking down do you tear up with joy
Or fear up with hate

Do you watch us as we live in confusion
Day to day with no clue
Lost in our own minds

Are you watching us make fools of ourselves
Thinking one way and going another
So caught up in the way we look to other people
Forgetting who we are as a person

Are you up there being true
Doing what it is that makes you, you

Does it make you happy to look down and see us
Or sadden you to see the way we are

Looking down what do you see
A world in chaos
Or the way its suppose to be


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