Sun, 05/05/2013 - 21:09 -- sermeno


United States
33° 58' 10.8876" N, 117° 15' 21.0744" W

I'ts more than a game,
It's a passion.
I step on my mat, hungry for victory.
Speed and strength is my disease...
I attack like a beast with an assassin's mentality.
130 pounds of killer instincts become dangerously unstoppable.
Pain comes to shove,
but pain is nothing but a silent weakness!
I can't see my surroundings,
can't see who's watching.
I'm not worried for loosing!
All I feel, smell, taste and want is my victory.
The whistle blows...
one hand is raised high in the air,
not leaving with a prize...
but, enjoying the pride of the victory!


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