When she came into this world, purple and red

I became a mess of worry

When she came back to our home, small and fragile

I became a mother hen

When she began to walk, determined and clumsy

I became her support

When she began to talk, babbling like a brook

I became her translator

When she was tired after a long day, grumpy and yawning

I became her storyteller

When she stumbled in learning, frustrated beyond words

I became her tutor

When it was dark and she was scared, shaking and crying

I became her rock to cling to

When she makes mistakes, anxious and worried

I help her to stop and breathe


For her I have always been willing to play any role

For her, I will always push harder

For her, that girl, I will always be inspired to do better

Learn better

Act better

Be  Better


The day my sister was born I weeped 

I had never felt something so big

I had never been changed in an instant the way I was that day

I had never been so inspired

The day my sister was born I already knew 

She would be better than I ever could

I knew she had the potential to be more brilliant, more beautiful, more wonderful than I ever have been

And for the first time in my life, 

I wanted someone to be better than me


From the day she was born, I was inspired

Not just to be a good sister, but a good person

Not just to be smart, but to be wise

Not just to be nice, but to be kind to those around me

That day, when I got to hold her in my arms I knew

She will learn from me, she will see my choices, she will see my mistakes

And she will do better


I am inspired every day by that child

I am inspired by her creativity

I am inspired by her smarts

I am inspired by her stubbornness

I am even inspired by her pride

But most of all

I am inspired by her heart

And just like all those years ago

Every morning when I think to myself I can be good

She reminds me, I can be great


This poem is about: 
My family



I love it. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful, heartfelt, genuine story.

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