Victim of the past

Don't look into the past

Don't look for things that gone 

Don't try to change things you've done

Don't be a victim of the past.

I know it last

You can't live your life living underground

Closing your ears to not hear a sound

Don't let the darkness of the night leads to the 


It's like pushing a blind man into a fight

The past can't protect you from the future 

Being a victim of your past

Brings you nothing but more pain. 

Is that what you are trying to gain?

Another day passing through standing still has nothing to do you locked yourself into a dungeon

Hiring your fear to be your keeper.

It's just the choice that will take you more


You insist to be a victim of the past

You blamed everyone giving you advice

Can't you see that with your eyes 

You are the only one that should be blamed

For what you've done to yourself

Blame no one any more

The price is so high.

It's not enough to cry

There will be a price to pay 

So enough living in yesterday



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